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Birth of the record player The first sounds were recorded and reproduced by the American inventor Thomas Alva Edison in 1877, in a contraption he later refined and marketed as the phonograph (`sound writer').

It used a horn with a diaphragm at the narrow end as both a microphone and loudspeaker. When someone spoke or sang into the horn, the diaphragm - and a steel needle attached to it - vibrated up and down.

The record was a sheet of tinfoil wrapped round a cylinder with a spiral groove cut in its surface. To record, the cylinder was turned by a handle. Sounds entering the horn vibrated the needle, which moved along the spiral groove and indented the tinfoil as it did so. To play the recording, the cylinder was turned again, and as the needle followed the indentations in the tinfoil, it vibrated the diaphragm, causing sounds to emerge from the horn. death of the record player

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